The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got the opportunity to speak with Grant Bowler about whats next to come on the science fiction series Defiance. In the Syfy channel series, Bowler stars as Joshua “Jeb” Nolan, a former Marine and Sheriff of Defiance. Bowler breaks down his character, letting us know Jeb’s military background, keeps him less interested in the law and more interested in justice. The plot and settings which exist in the world of Defiance, makes for a unique concept. Defiance as a setting includes a melting pot type world, which Jeb compares to America in the 1800’s. Jeb describes the world of Defiance to us, which is a post apocalyptic society that involves the intermingling of humans and aliens. “There are massive cultural differences. There’s been the Pale wars which happens just before our series begins, so there’s an enormous amount of bad blood.”

When touching on the relationship between Jeb and his daughter, an alien named Irisa, Bowler refers to it as “the emotional backbone of the show”. Bowler also goes on to say that Jeb and Irisa’s relationship is the best father-daughter relationship that he has read. Bowler points out Jeb’s struggle to discern whether Irisa’s behavior comes from her being a teenager or an alien.

Bowler compares himself to the character of Jeb by saying they are alike in their “pragmatistm and straight forwardness” but notes that he is calmer and more political than Jeb is. Bowler us tells more about Julie Benz’s character, Mayor Amanda Rosewater, saying “She’s all about creating a democracy”, and she takes a political stand point on how Defiance should be run.

Grant also talks about the video game Defiance, when touching on the congruency of the two he says, “It has given us an elegance of design, a depth of research, and a depth of design, that I haven’t seen before.” When asked about the pop culture success, Grant talks about the potential of how the show will be integrated with the game’s fan base. Grant says that having the game and the show gives the audience a “multi-entrance point experience”.

Bowler also jokes about switching from his role in Defiance to Liz and Dick, saying “That’s an odd day when your fighting a 6 foot 6 blue man and in your off time you doing Shakespeare in Welch”. Don’t forget to check out Grant Bowler tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at 8pm and catch Jeb on the season finale of Defiance on the Syfy channel.

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