Have you ever wondered about the inside story of what you think about the political candidates you see every day? Their dirty little secrets?  Well, there are people out there where their job is to take a deep look into the personal and professional lives of a political candidate, and find all the stuff out that we want to or don’t want to know, and this little art is called “Opposition Research”. Two of the people that are really, really good at doing this are Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian.  They summarize their story and job so well on the website dedicated to their incredible new book “We’re With Nobody” (HarperCollins..Thanks Andy for helping set this up!!), which has received critical acclaim across the board (The book is incredible and makes you realize how fascinating the “Inside” world of a politician’s life is on and off camera), and landed them spots on talk shows like The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and NPR as well as incredible reviews from the top media publications in America. Here’s the description of who they are, what the book is about in their own words, but in my words, if you want an extremely captivating and incredible read about “The Dark Side Of American Politics”, then YOU MUST BUY “WE’RE WITH NOBODY”:

From the site:

“You don’t have to be with anybody in politics. Obviously you should support the candidates you admire, but it’s not necessary to cast your lot entirely with every candidate from your political party, even when they’re assholes, slackers, poseurs or crooks. Being a Republican or a Democrat should not prevent you from finding out what’s true, and going with that.

We work primarily for Democratic political campaigns, because we generally align ourselves with that party’s ideals and that’s where most of our connections are. But we do occasionally work for Republican candidates (in primary elections, when the opponent is also a Republican), and our job requires us to be objective, regardless of who we’re researching. In either case, we typically research both our candidate and their opponent with equal fervor, so we end up seeing everybody naked, for better or worse.

This site has several purposes: To share what we’ve learned about politics, and America, during the better part of two decades as opposition political researchers; to provide a clearinghouse for objective, fact-based and occasionally weird stories relating to politics (or, now and then, for any story where being with somebody – or with nobody — is an issue); and to encourage others to find out what’s true.”

Based on the advance praise we’ve gotten so far, our book, We’re With Nobody, is “illuminating!” and “witty!” But most importantly, we hope it will encourage voters to consider the source of the information they use to choose who will lead them. We’ve been doing political opposition research for 18 years, on a weird, extended road trip that no one else would take. The book is our way of taking readers along for the ride as we research politicians from presidential appointees to candidates for local school boards, finding what’s right and wrong about politics, political candidates, and the quirky cultural landscape of America.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with Alan Huffman (Great guy, and I made sure to stay on his good side in case I decide to run for office one day!) to talk about his new book, his incredibly fascinating career, what it’s like to look into the “Dirty Laundry” of people who run the country, some of the craziest things he has found out about people he has investigated, and sooo much more!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here are Alan and Michael On Jon Stewart A Couple Days before sitting down with me:

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