This post originally appeared on The Lab NYC Website

For over a decade, David Faustino was known to millions around the country as the hilarious “Bud Bundy” on one of TV’s most groundbreaking comedies, “Married With Children”.  The show helped define a generation, and thrust David into mainstream stardom.  Now with his new show “Bad Samaritans” debuting on Netflix on March 31st, David returns to television on one of the hottest original programming destinations on TV right now Netflix.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats #InTheLab via Spreecast with child star turned adult actor and music artist David Faustino to talk about the incredible success of the iconic “Married With Children”, his new awesome show Bad Samaritans on Netflix, dealing with success as a child star, his newest “houseguest” Bella, learning to audition again, discovering Will I Am, becoming a rapper, and so much more!  As a child that grew up watching “Married with Children” on Fox every Sunday, it was a thrill to chat with David and see how well he is doing, and he couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating towards a long time fan like myself.