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Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch” has become one of television’s highest rated phenomenons, showcasing life in the freezing cold Bering Sea for some of the bravest crab fisherman on the planet. Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski has become a cult hero as one of the stars of the show, piloting the Kodiak for multiple seasons, but now as the Captain of the Cape Caution. His unorthodox ways, and say and do anything mentality have made him one of the show’s best characters and story lines, and as we enter a new season of “The Deadliest Catch”, we see what “Wild” Bill does best!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” chats #InTheLab via Spreecast from Mexico with the awesome Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski from Discovery’s hit “The Deadliest Catch” to talk about the new season of the show, working with his son, taking on a new ship, the dangers involved in life on The Bering Sea, and so much more! Fans are also able to ask Bill questions and come on screen to speak with him.