As one of CNN’s longtime anchors, most recognizable faces, and an Emmy and Peabody award winning television journalist, Kitty Pilgrim has traveled the world in search of the next big story.  So what would make this acclaimed journalist and TV personality decide to change careers after 24 years and sitting at the top of her profession?  Well, turns out she’s a terrific writer and with the release of her second novel (The first was The Explorer’s Code) centering around the glamorous and twisted adventures of John Sinclair and his partner Cordelia Stapleton, called “The Stolen Chalice”, she proves that her new career will most likely follow the upward career trajectory of her last one.  Kitty does an incredible job of painting a high stakes adventure filled with a love triangle, travels around the world that make you feel like you are traveling to some of the most exotic places on the planet, and a level of “escapism” that will make everyone want to read this book a second time.  Who else to create this type of unique fun then a New York-based reporter who’s normal beat included politics and economics but her assignments also have taken her around the world – Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, the Middle East, Korea and South Africa. Kitty anchored her own CNN morning show, “Early Edition” in 1998-1999 and was anchor for prime time broadcasts at CNN from 2001-2010, including coverage on 09/11.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with longtime CNN Anchor turned Acclaimed Novelist Kitty Pilgrim in NYC in the middle of her extensive press tour for “The Stolen Chalice” to talk about her really cool new book, leaving the news business at the top of her profession, what made her want to become a full time writer, covering 09/11, would she ever come back to television, and soo much more!  Kitty has had so much success in front of the camera, so it easy to understand why she is having so much success with the pen!  Enjoy Kade Nation!

Here is Kitty on Morning Joe and The Daily Beast right before chatting with me!

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