Kent Boyd was always a one-of-a-kind individual, growing up involved in Church and school activities. He was homecoming King, played soccer, participated in Theater, participated in Dance, was on the student counsel and to top it off, always found time for his family. Arts were not big in his school, but Kent felt very different and helped push his school to have a Theater Arts program and a yearly arts showcase with classmates participating in music skits, pottery, dance and more, always encouraging and showing kids that you can still be cool even if you’re part of musicals, show choirs and dance.

Knowing he was destined for what was beyond his small town, at the age of 18, he auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance and the rest was history, as Kent quickly excelled, being runner-up and going on a 40 city American tour with the cast, selling out New York’s Radio Music Hall and Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Kent can also be seen in a variety of hit television programs including Glee, Disney’s Shake It Up!, and ABC Family’s Bunheads as ‘Jordan,’ which was written for Kent, after the director met him at the audition. Kent’s creativity continues to shine through as he directs, produces and stars in a short film called It Remains, which follows the story of a couple falling in and out of love. What started as a small Kickstarter campaign, quickly excelled and attracted backers from across the globe.