Ricky Schroder stole our hearts as the star of one of television’s most iconic sitcoms “Silver Spoons”, but then went on to have a successful acting career with memorable roles in NYPD Blue, Lonesome Dove, Scrubs, Strong Medicine, 24, and much more!  As one of the few child/teen stars who was able to parlay their success into adult success, Ricky has had a remarkable career, and with his new movie “Our Wild Hearts” on Hallmark debuting tomorrow, he shares that success with his family whom he directs in the movie.

“Our Wild Hearts” is a coming of age story about a sophisticated young girl, Willow Johnson. She leaves Malibu for the beautiful High Country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in order to find her father Jack Thomas and potentially create a loving relationship with him. After she meets up with Jack, the young girl discovers her first love in a wild, gifted mustang she names Bravo. The steed’s indomitable spirit helps Willow find a love for spontaneity and adventure with the father she thought she would never know.  Ricky Schroder and his wife Andrea wrote “Our Wild Hearts” for their daughter, Cambrie, to star in. The film also stars the Schroders’ other children – Holden, Luke and Faith.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” has a wonderful #InTheLab chat with star and director of “Our Wild Hearts” Rocky Schroder via Spreecast to talk about the success of over 3 decades in show business, how he has maintained longevity and great roles, kissing Whitney Houston on the set of “Silver Spoons”, directing his daughter and family in the new movie, what advice he would give child actors today, his relationship with Alfonso Ribiero, and so much more!

Make sure to catch “Our Wild Hearts” on Hallmark Movie Channel on Saturday 03/09 at 8pm EST!

Here are some of Ricky’s TV appearances this week promoting the film:

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