Larry Elder is one of America’s most recognizable political voices.  As a popular TV Personality, famed radio host, and NY Times Bestselling Author, Larry has helped millions of Americans decipher the ever changing climate of this country, and with his intelligence, sharp wit, and unique approach to stories has helped shape our opinions.  As a “Libertarian with a touch of conservatism”, Larry is a popular guest and pundit on many of television’s top shows, but with his new incredible book “Dear Father, Dear Son”, Larry shows us what makes him tick, and how forgiveness, communication, and understanding can help us reunite with the people who matter most, our family.  After having little to no relationship with his father for 10 years, an 8 hour talk changed them both forever, and shows us that love and blood is more important then anything.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible Larry Elder in NYC right after a heart warming appearance on Fox and Friends to talk about his wonderful career, his new book “Dear Father, Dear Son”, his thoughts on the election and President Obama, being a Conservative African American man in America, and soo much more!  Outside of being a class act in real life, Larry is one of my favorite political voices, and is brilliant at cutting through the B.S. of Washington.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

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Here is Larry on Fox and Friends and CNBC with Larry Kudlow right before chatting with me: